do it yourself magazine

Behind the Scenes with Do It Yourself Magazine by Jessica Miller

Yesterday, I spent the day on set with Do It Yourself Magazine.  The story is sewing guide for beginners called "Sew at Home".  As the prop stylist, I was hired build sets to support the projects. Anything from walls, paint selection, floors, furniture and props.  Check out some behind the scenes photos. Story will be published in Winter 2106.

Waynesville, NC Home - Do it Yourself Magazine by Jessica Miller

I spent 4 days in Asheville/Waynesville, North Carolina styling this gorgeous home in the Smoky Mountains. Props needed included a mountain of pillows, plants, flowers, rugs, smaller home decor, blankets, towels and kitchenware. All which needed to be returned before we boarded our plane. Side note - the South does not like returns which did not make my job easy at the end. But thankfully, I got to bring my momma as an assistant on this trip. She really helped me out and I THINK she finally understands what the heck I do at these shoots. Words from Momma Miller -"You sure do spend a lot of time fussin". I couldn't agree more :)